The Photographer


Hi I am Michelle, photographer at Annabella Taylor Photography.

The name came about after my daughter was born (She is Annabel) and would love to take it over some day (she's only 6!) 

This is a bit about me:

  1. A degree in dietetics and worked for 11 years as a specialist paediatric dietitian in hospitals in and around London but for the most part at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. 

  2. Completed a diploma in Photography in 2011

  3. Registered member of the Guild of Photographers.

  4. Attended two in-person newborn training sessions and completed a fair number of online training courses to do with photography, newborns, babies and post-processing. The aim is to refine and perfect my images.

  5. I LOVE working with babies and children, I love their honesty

  6. I get pooped and wee'd on all the time! Nature of the job and I really don't mind ;)

  7. I love all things white (although not easy to keep clean!)

  8. I love cotton, lace, soft wool and wood - anything with texture

  9. I adore cute delicate little headbands and soft knitted bonnets

  10. I love hearing all about the birthing stories (from scary to wonderful), it is miraculous!

  11. I am not a fan of cold weather ;) The newborn environment I work in is generally about 28 degrees C (I really don't mind)

  12. I am a mum and a wife and I LOVE my family - I have a sweet little girl who loves pink and all things girly and a happy, smiley little boy who loves his cars and choo-choo's. I definitely do not photograph them nearly as much as I should do - they are growing WAY TO FAST!