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This was a baby and family photography session, this amazing couple came to the studio for their session and their precious baby girl was such a happy, smiley little one. She had just learnt to sit by herself which is generally best for a baby photography session as the little ones are so much more interactive.

With this little one, I just wanted to keep photographing her all morning. She had an older brother who had fallen asleep in the car on the way to the session and we were all waiting for him to wake up. As with most little ones he was a touch confused as to where he was and he gave me a run for my money trying to capture those smiles.  Mum told me they had been out and about before the session and he had fallen. He kept mentioning his wrist hurt but was chatty and I finally got a few smiles from him, when the groggy mist past.

Later that evening I got a text from mum say he had actually injured his wrist really badly! If it were me I would have be complaining like crazy but he hid it so well and was such a trooper.

Enjoy Mx


Family and baby photography Epsom Surrey UK

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