The Bunnies Come To Visit | Children’s Photographer Epsom

Has your child ever come home with a fluffy toy of some sort with a little note saying  ‘ here to visit for the weekend, take pictures of our time with you’?

Well that is exactly what we had when Bab’s and Bert came to visit over the long bank holiday weekend!

These bunnies were very well traveled, having been to places such as Dubai, Spain, America  and camping at the coast (nearby shores), to name a few! I felt awful – we were having a weekend in!

My daughter was over the moon and even though we weren’t going any where fancy I thought we could introduce the bunnies to some of our ‘home’ culture. In all fairness a BBQ is what we call a braai in South Africa and it’s exactly the same thing. So  braai we did at the house warming for my folks who were finally in their new home.

Here is a peek at what the bunnies got up to!!



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