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Maternity images can capture so much of your pregnancy and looking back will invoke the feelings you felt during that time.

There is nothing like the anticipation that comes from waiting for your baby’s arrival!

The excitement during pregnancy, the last few weeks of feeling your little one wiggle in your belly as the space is running out. Dreaming about what he or she may look like and then the day arrives!!! The day you get to meet your little one, the day your baby is earthside and you get to hold them, stare at them in awe. You created this little being!! But you are no longer pregnant and that time is so incredibly short. Make sure you capture those moments during the maternity period.

Baby bump pregnancy pictures


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4 suggestions for a maternity photography session

For a maternity photography session the most frequently asked questions before the session are:

# 1. When is best to have the maternity photography session?

It is recommended to photograph pregnancy bumps between 32 – 36 weeks of pregnancy. The timing of the session will depend on how you are feeling. You don’t want to be too uncomfortable but you still want to have a beautiful full baby bump for the session.

Some mums have a bump that starts showing much sooner in pregnancy and can get away with being photographed at 32 weeks, whilst other mums are still feeling well and energetic as the due date approaches and would prefer to be photographers closer to 36 weeks of pregnancy. As the due-date approaches;  some mother’s may not feel good overall but remember what a mother may feel may not be how it will be reflected in the images. These images will also be cherished by your newborn baby one day when they are older. My maternity photography Wimbledon sessions are held in my dedicated newborn and baby studio located in Epsom, Surrey.

maternity photographer Wimbledon baby bump photos

# 2. What to wear

I like to start the maternity photography session with images that you would be happy to show your mum, friends and have displayed all over your home – some mums don’t mind showing off their skin and gorgeous bumps but I do like to offer options. I tend to start with your clothing and suggest the following:

  • Avoid anything with stripes – it creates a weird affect when looking at a photograph
  • Logo’s on a shirt that dad is wearing can also become a big distraction and with many clothing options can soon become outdated. We are going for a timeless look on your images.
  • Dresses or tops that are tight fitting (not too tight) and shows off the bump works far better than clothing that is loose and flowing.
  • Neutrals such as white, creams, beige, latte brown and greys generally look good as well as navy and black for a pop against the white in the studio. For outdoor images it would depend on the time of the year and that can always be discussed.
  • There are a few accessories in the studio that are for the more revealing photos – a lace pull over, a dusty pink kimono and a silk shawl along with a few other bits. I also suggest to bring in a white collared shirt from “dad’s’ cupboard or a button up sweater or cardigans
  • Nude under wear for the more revealing images also goes a long way.

bump photos studio maternity photography session Maternity pictures wimbledon

#3 Who is included in the session?

The maternity sessions are about the pregnancy and mum-to-be. Both Dad and siblings are included in a few images during the maternity session.  This is a time for you to remember a time before you met your baby – when you were still wondering what they would look like. A time for the bump’s sibling/s to have some treasured time with mum and dad before they become a larger family.

Maternity photographer Wimbledon maternity photography session belly pictures studio epsom, Surrey

# 4 Location and the advantages/disadvantages

The sessions are generally 45mins – 1 hour long so do consider which location would be more suitable.


• The Studio – the advantage is convenience and control of the lighting. You can have photographs taken regardless of weather.

• Outdoor – The outdoor session would be weather dependant, summer time would be easier to schedule or reschedule.  Winter outdoor maternity sessions may not always be an option.

• Home-location – handy not to have to travel far but you will need to ensure your home is tidy for the session and if natural light is your home is not optimal then I will need to bring a portable light with me.


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Natural Newborn Photography | Newborn Baby Photographer Epsom Surrey

Natural newborn photography with sweet simple sets ups to remember your baby as they are in that moment in time. The setups are to make sure your baby is the centre of attention.

Don’t forget if you do have a favourite colour I can try and include a range of set-ups to include it. Do let me know when you book your session if there is a specific colour you love and would like to include. However, if you prefer the natural look, I am happy to keep the colour palate that of a neutral one for all the newborn photographs.

These are your images and I want you to love them as much as I do capturing them for you.  Newborn and Baby sessions are held in a studio in Epsom, Surrey

natural newborn photography new baby photographer Epsom SurreyNewborn photography baby photography Surrey

Pregnancy Glow | Maternity Photographer Epsom

Pregnancy photography is all about capturing the last few weeks of a mum-to-be cradling a beautiful bump that is carrying precious cargo. That bump is all about new beginnings, a new chapter in life that is so unfamiliar to the parents-to-be.

I am not sure all women experience pregnancy in quite the same way but I bet they all share the same mixed emotions. Some women have the most relaxing and enjoyable pregnancy’s and some have a rollercoaster of a time. I had the latter but for me feeling my little ones moving inside my belly (or into the rib cage), to the days of when I would imagine how my children would look and the thought that while my babies were growing inside of me, I was never alone I was always carrying them (and still had two hands to make dinner), it made those 9 months all worth while.

And yes, I wanted them out in those last few weeks. I wanted to finally meet them, hold them and stare into their little eyes. In essence start my journey as a mum, start my journey with them.

With maternity photography, I have met a few mums that have had to climb mountains to experience what some woman can experience on a whim and sometimes don’t get the chance – it makes me truly grateful to have been able to carry to healthy babies to full term and to now learn with them as they grow. Its new territory every day…

pregnancy photo session

Maternity, newborn, baby and family photography sessions are held in my dedicated studio in Epsom Surrey, which is in close proximity to Kingston, Weybridge and Wimbledon.  Maternity photography sessions can be held on location in your home or places in Weybridge or Epsom Horton Park.  

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First birthday celebrations… Baby Photography | Epsom Surrey Photographer

Celebrating the first birthday – such a wonderful milestone in your child’s life. The little toddle as they learn to walk, the gurgle chit chat turning into words and sentences, the little cuddles to ensure you are still a safe distance but just far away enough for a learning adventure.  I love this age and how their little intriguing minds work, how they seem to be looking at everything for the first time – it’s challenging but fun :)

My job as the baby photographer is all about trying to ensure the baby is comfortable and happy.

first birthday baby photography sessions epsom Surrey

Annabella Taylor Photography studio is based in Epsom, Surrey and is a dedicated studio for Newborn and new baby photography. First birthday baby photography sessions can be held in the studio in Epsom and Ewell or at a location of your choosing such as Baby photography in West Byfleet or even Oxshott.