We’ve Become four | Family Photographer Epsom

I am still getting my head around the fact that I have two small children. I keep saying to my mum that I still feel like I am 24 but when I look in the mirror, a very ‘grown’ up person is staring back and clearly my priorities have changed!

My children could not be more different, they look extremely alike but personality wise like chalk and cheese. My daughter loves to sleep, dislikes food, takes quite a bit to get her to smile / laugh but when she does its a deep belly laugh as for my son in his short little life he is already showing a keen interest in food, a major dislike of sleep  (‘to much to see, mummy’) and is constantly smiling and laughing – a simple ‘Boo’ has him in stitches. I feel like I am constantly warning my daughter to be gentle with the new baby only to find him laughing his little head off about getting kissed and cuddled or even rolled along the floor like a tube.

Before having little G, I was reminded that baby number two is super easy – yes in many ways and well… umm no, not really! Its hard work but I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world! Its easy as you know what to expect but trying to juggle two and trying to ensure that the attention is evenly split has been challenging especially when your eldest knows what it feels like to be the only child for so long.

4 months into juggling and I can say I am thoroughly enjoying it and look forward to watching my little ones grow!