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family and newborn baby photographer Surrey
Image taken courtesy of my Husband

Hi I am Michelle, Photographer at Annabella taylor Photography.

The name came about after my daughter was born (She is Annabel) and would love to take it over some day.

This is a bit about me:

• A degree in Dietetics and worked for 11 years as a specialist paediatric dietitian in hospitals in and around London but for the most part at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children.

• Completed a diploma in Photography in 2011

• Registered member of the Guild of Photographers

• Attended three in-person newborn training sessions and have completed a number of online training courses in Photography, Newborns, Babies and Post-Processing.

• I get pooped and wee’d on all the time!! Nature of the job

• I am a mum and a wife and I LOVE my family – I have a sweet little girl who is slowly becoming a ‘mini’ me and loves all things girly, and a smiley little boy who is all about his cars and building Lego. You would think the perks of being a photographer would be to have heaps of photos of your own children but I definitely don’t photograph them nearly as much as I should – they are growing up way to fast!

Annabella Taylor Photography


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Newborn Photographer in Surrey and South West London. Specialising in newborn, baby and maternity photography as well as photographing families.