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As a Family Photographer in Surrey, I capture images of families in a setting of their choosing. A family can choose the comfort of their own homes, in the studio or in a local park. The venue for the family photos will depend on how you would like to capture your family memories. My style is to achieve a clean look and to capture unique personalities within the family dynamics. Focusing on all emotions from serious to a happy family interacting and hopefully not being aware of the camera.

Best Time for the Session:

Families decide what type of session they would like which will determine the best time for the session. Outdoor sessions can be amazing at the following times: The beginning of spring when the colours are in full bloom; A summer time walk in the trees; don’t forget Autumn with rich, gorgeous tones. All these will certainly be one to treasure.

Sessions in your home can be fun and meaningful. For instance, if you know one day you will move, being able to look back at the images and reminisce over the days you grew as a family. For me, the home where I brought my babies back from the hospital, watching their first steps and so on was gut wrenching to leave. Having the memories in photographs has helped and we can sit and have a good giggle at some of the images captured.

The family photography studio based in Epsom Surrey, can hold sessions that are relaxed and more for little ones who are just learning to walk or toddle or children who are happy to sit and have their picture taken. Children who are 3-4 years old tend to love being out doors and can sometimes feel a little restricted when they are in the studio environment. Saying that, the studio sessions are far shorter to work with bouncy toddler personalities and bringing in a favourite toy or playing games can entertain them for a touch longer.

What to Expect:

To book your session date, a £100 deposit is paid to hold the date and this is deducted from your choosen package.

I can offer advice on outfits to wear for the session. I recommend staying away from stripes/lines as this can play tricks on your eyes in photographs. Logo’s on shirts can date an image – think back to your grandparents era, you can tell roughly what generation the image was taken by the hair or the outfits. Colours – anything bright or luminous colours can distract from the importance of your images. In the studio I recommend both dark and neutral light colours depending on your skin tone. Outdoors, autumnal colours are gorgeous in Autumn. Spring time I would suggest pastels and neutrals as the grass can be very green.

My sessions are led by your children, what they are happy to do and places they would like to explore. There are times when I will require your help in getting their attention. However, when I am photographing your children individually please nominate a person to be the ‘joker’ as children can get confused and not know who to look at. This can tire them out rapidly and I won’t get the images that I am after.

The Images:

I enjoy doing a few fun images of the family all together. During the session I will work through family setups on the day to ensure I capture a variety of combinations. I aim to get many individual images of the children as well as together. In the past I have been asked to do a few couple images. How often do we, as parents just have an image of where it all started – just mum and dad? I am more than happy to accommodate this.

The family gallery will be ready to view in 3 weeks. I will send on a viewing link, please remember the images in the gallery cannot be printed due to the low resolution. This allows for my galleries to load much quicker for your viewing pleasure. You can select the number of images that are available in the package you want via the link I send you. If your preference is for the full gallery, a USB containing all the images will be sent once payment has been completed.


These family photographs are yours to hang on your walls or place in an album. I throughly enjoy it when families bring in something that is of meaning to them to make their images even more unique. It adds to the story we are trying to convey. A favourite toy or comforter for children; perhaps one of your children is an avid reader or you love to have picnics on your favourite blanket. Do bring them along and we can include them into the family pictures.

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