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As a newborn and family photographer Surrey, I have galleries upon galleries of photos that I take, with that comes the external hard drives which I need to store all these images. I can only store so many and then have to start deleting the files as I go which is fine as I pass the images on to my clients to look after. But I had a friend pop over and asked what I did for storage and while I said very smugly that I have all these externals. Her face showed her disapproval and she slowly started to say… ‘I don’t mean to scare you but you do realise that those hard drives do fail?’ My stomach felt like it had stepped into a horror scene.

I send my client images on but what about my own family images – I am after all a photographer and love taking images (when I can) of my own children and family. What do I do if I lose years upon years of travel images, wedding images, baby photos and family photos? What will I have to pass on to my children when they have all grown up?

What would you do? I have a rather large wedding album (dust collecting – yes I am embarrassed to say but my wedding images have been printed). We have a family photo book made yearly of our family adventures but not all my images are in these albums and to make a photo book of every gallery I have will take me forever. SO what do I do… Again what would you do? Do you have your images printed, whether in an album or framed prints? How are you going to keep hold of your memories?

Well I am off to find a longer term storage system to store my images – the digital age is a wonderful thing but is it if it fails us? Its brought a whole new list of issues! Before I printed all my images and placed them into albums but then I didn’t know where to store the albums! Now I have the freedom to take as many images but how long will they last?

Our Beach Holiday – I love family time and yes I do take my camera with :)

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