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Best time for newborn baby photography is when they are between 5 to 14 days old.

Why, you ask?

Breastfed fed babies start getting a good supply of milk which settles them from about 4-5 days and thus are much happy to sleep for a longer period.

Newborn babies fresh into the world are still very curly and sleepy, and they have the most beautiful soft skin.  After about 2 weeks of life the some babies tend to get baby acne or very dry skin that is because they are being exposed to the elements and the hormones they got from their mums, are leaving their little bodies. This is all very natural.

Babies start becoming far more alert and attentive to things around them from two weeks, making it that much harder to get them to sleep and to stay asleep. The slightest touch tends to wake them, so the cute posing that you see in so many baby pictures is not always possible.

Reflux and colic often to start set in around 2 weeks, making mum absolutely exhausted not that she isn’t already. Baby isn’t very happy to lie down flat and in all honesty, I don’t blame them as reflux hurts. I got to experience  this first hand with my 10 pound baby during pregnancy ;)

If you are wanting to create beautiful memories of those first few weeks of their size and their developing little character then I suggest to get gorgeous newborn pictures of them during those first 14 days of life.

The first two weeks go by in a blur. Its all about settling into a routine and getting to know your new little baby, as well as learning to cope with the sleep deprivation. I am so glad that I have beautiful images to look at, along with hand and feet casts hanging in their bedrooms. I love comparing them now to when they were a newborn baby and how much they have grown. x


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