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Styles of newborn photography differ so much and each photographer will have their own vision for the session. When you are deciding on which newborn photographer or family photographer you are going for you should really decide if it fits with your style – your home, which room could you have an image or images blown up large. I often ask my clients about the colours in their home and I find that my clients tend to have homes that are typically neutral, which would suit their images well but I do think white can fit in with anything. Newborn photographer wimbledon

I love to use white in my newborn images as its a ‘colour’ that sings to my heart. White is versatile and its pure, classic and wouldn’t go out of date. Think of a wedding dress, white has been used for centuries – dependant on culture and religion a white wedding dress is meant to represent the purity of the soul so doesn’t it seem fitting to use it with a newborn and baby?

Choose a photographer who makes your heart sing, your images will be something to hold on to once this limited moment is gone. Before children time was on my side but as soon as my first was born, watching them grow made me realise how quickly it was slipping by. Holding my baby girl for the first time, hearing her first little cry into this world, the first proud but hard week at home as parents, her first smile, her first full night sleep (yay ;)) , sitting up and then crawling…. her first steps and then she was off. First year was gone and soon we will be entering her 8th year. I often hold her in a little ball on my lap and say this is my baby while she giggles away and asks me to tell her stories about when she was a young baby. She’s now a little lady but I still hold on to those memories, don’t let those moments pass you by. Newborn Photographer Wimbledon

newborn photographer Wimbledon

Newborn photographer Wimbledon

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