Photographing an Older Newborn

Its been such a crazy time and as new parents or parents to be I am sure that the panic has set in with the thought of ‘how do I document my newborn’s first few days’. I have a few videos up on the blog to help guide you during those first few weeks to get simple yet timeless images to remember your little one. I wanted to mention about photographing an older newborn if you feel you have missed your chance.

Newborn sessions are normally defined as the first 14 days of life. The babies are sleepy and love to curl up making them feel safe and comforted. Babies do not wake up on the 14th day and be ‘Ooh I am no longer a newborn’. ;) They just gradually adjust over the 2 weeks to a more spacious environment – able to stretch without being hindered by mums belly! They start becoming more alert and interested in their new world as their eyesight starts developing more focus. And don’t forget the growth spurts with the feeding frenzy.

Older than 14 days

Saying all that, photographing an older newborn past the 14 day mark is still very possible. It all depends on baby and how they feel. The closer to 6 weeks in age the more chance of a smile or two and plenty of eye contact during the session.

smiling 6 week old newborn

Sometimes the babies fall asleep and if they are not too sensitive, there is always a possibility for some sleepy images. They may be wrapped up or curled onto the tummy for a bum up sleepy time. This all depends on baby and how happy they are for me to handle them.

My most important part during the session is to capture everyone together as a family. Most times its mum or dad photographing the new baby and they are never in front of the camera together – never forget these are memories for our children.

Capturing the tiny details

Older newborn babies can absolutely be photographed – please don’t think just because they are older you have missed your chance. It’s still capturing their newness and they will never be smaller than that moment again.

Michelle x

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