Photographing Your New Baby During the Quarantine

We are living in such crazy times at the moment but if you have just welcomed your little one earth side or you are counting the days to welcome your sweet little bundle into the world then this is still a time to be celebrating!!!


Such exciting and wonderful times ahead. Each stage has such momentous milestones and they pass so quickly!

I have to admit I have been going back and forth about posting this post because many people think its silly and possibly explains why I am so delayed in posting it.

As will all small businesses we try and support each other as much as possible! To put my point across – I highlight my hair and I use a professional hairstylist but my roots have started showing and when I feel a bit ‘otherwise’ I always seem to attack my poor hair so I ordered a few bits and pieces, and I low and behold I highlighted my own hair! I must admit I am pretty delighted in how it came out but boy was it hard work and now it needs a good cut. Will I cut my hair to get rid of the dead ends – that I am a little afraid to do. Will I highlight my own hair again absolutely, will I do it all the time – not if I want arms left ;) and I do love the luxury of having 2 hours or so to myself reading a magazine! So in short I will not ditch the professional by no means but I can still fill in the times when I need it most.

So following on from that I bet you are here to find out about documenting that first precious time in your life with your newborn. Sadly with all the uncertainty happening I am not able to photograph families as yet to ensure that both your family and mine are safe. Until us as photographers are safely able to start photographing families and babies again, I am with a very broken heart going to keep my distance.

Newborns can be photographed up until about 4 – 6weeks of age. I have to admit I do prefer the first 2 weeks as babies are far more sleepy and are still happy to curl up into those squishy newborn poses you would see on my website. From about 3 weeks they really do prefer the idea of being able to stretch out and also super curious about the big wide world around them, so sleep does happen but they have longer stretches of being awake. That is not a problem, we can always work around that.

The little ‘guide’ I created to help you photograph your newborn during quarantine is by no means a comprehensive list, more just a way to help you on how to document a few moments of your baby whilst they are still so small. In the midst of the sleep deprivation and the brain fog – mums might not think about what to photograph and later on think ‘ah I didn’t think of that’.
The images seen on my website and many other photographers are always taken with baby’s safety in mind. Many of us have attended courses, in-person workshops and hours of learning and research to ensure your baby is in good hands when you attend a professional photography session. Also the magic of photoshop is used to blend images together to once again ensure your baby’s safety. 

So on that note, below are a few videos to guide you through photographing your new born baby. And yes I used a doll to help ;)

Remember baby doesn’t have to be asleep when you start photographing them. They often have the cutest expressions when they are just looking around admiring the world.

Take number 631…. at least I can still laugh at myself

Thanks for watching!!

If you do have any questions or would like to find out more information about booking a session once we come out of lockdown please do get in touch. xx

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