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Pregnancy photography is all about capturing the last few weeks of a mum-to-be cradling a beautiful bump that is carrying precious cargo. That bump is all about new beginnings, a new chapter in life that is so unfamiliar to the parents-to-be.

I am not sure all women experience pregnancy in quite the same way but I bet they all share the same mixed emotions. Some women have the most relaxing and enjoyable pregnancy’s and some have a rollercoaster of a time. I had the latter but for me feeling my little ones moving inside my belly (or into the rib cage), to the days of when I would imagine how my children would look and the thought that while my babies were growing inside of me, I was never alone I was always carrying them (and still had two hands to make dinner), it made those 9 months all worth while.

And yes, I wanted them out in those last few weeks. I wanted to finally meet them, hold them and stare into their little eyes. In essence start my journey as a mum, start my journey with them.

With maternity photography, I have met a few mums that have had to climb mountains to experience what some woman can experience on a whim and sometimes don’t get the chance – it makes me truly grateful to have been able to carry to healthy babies to full term and to now learn with them as they grow. Its new territory every day…

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Maternity, newborn, baby and family photography sessions are held in my dedicated studio in Epsom Surrey, which is in close proximity to Kingston, Weybridge and Wimbledon.  Maternity photography sessions can be held on location in your home or places in Weybridge or Epsom Horton Park.  

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