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A maternity pregnancy photoshoot can capture so much of your pregnancy and looking back it will invoke the feelings you felt during that short lived period.

There is nothing like the anticipation that comes from waiting for your baby’s arrival! I remember feeling like every day towards the end that passed was a life time. Every twinge I felt, was the real deal and I was finally going to meet my little baby. I wished the time would pass even though I loved feeling the movements and but knowing that I could finally cuddle my baby couldn’t arrive soon enough.

I know all about the excitement during pregnancy, the last few weeks of feeling your little one wiggle in your belly as the space is running out. Dreaming about what he or she may look like and then the day arrives!!! The day you get to hear your baby’s first cry, feed your baby and take in their smell. Take in every inch of them.  The day your baby is earthside and you stare at them in awe. You created this little being!!

The sad truth is that your extraordinary body that incubated this amazing miracle is no longer in the lime light. You are no longer pregnant and that time is incredibly fleeting. Fair enough, some pregnancies are really difficult and some are an absolute breeze. I have to admit I struggled during my pregnancies and couldn’t wait for the end. I did have bump photographs taken and now looking back there are moments I truly miss and I am so grateful for the images that I can reminisce over and show my children.

Make sure you capture those moments during the maternity / pregnancy period, they are really just a drop of the ocean in time. Why not celebrate your body for this miracle!

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